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Recently we celebrated an amazing year with our wonderful team. The day was to recognise and thank every single one of them for their personal contributions to caring for your children in such a nurturing, genuine, professional way. Each of our Educators is unique and offers something wonderful to our team and we are incredibly grateful to have them. Some Educators were recognised individually for exceptional dedication, inspiration and professionalism which they should be commended for.

To thank the team we put together a fun day that started with an interactive activity where they had to hunt for Santa’s Sleigh. This allowed them to bring out their inner child for a few hours and partake in a scavenger hunt to save Christmas! While they ran around Broadbeach for a few hours tackling clues that led them to a new location and more clues, there was a lot of laughter and Christmas cheer shared amongst them. Afterwards we relaxed and had a delicious lunch at Marios where a lot of carbs were consumed and the odd glass of bubbles.

We’re very proud of our Educators and thank each and everyone of them for what they bring to our Team. We expect 2019 to be an even bigger and better year and can’t wait to see what incredible creativity they offer our children next year.