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In March four of our managers will be attending the World Forum on Early Care and Education in Macao.  Over 600 people from 100+ countries have been involved in selecting the topics to be addressed at the forum taking in over 100 sessions and 200 presenters from 60 nations!  Sustainability, innovation and nature play will be hot topics for western countries, while others will focus more on human rights and equality. The experience will provide our managers with an expanded knowledge base to bring back and share with our team and introduce into our centres.

Our team will also be sharing knowledge on nature-based play, of which we are considered experts in. Jenny Sheward-Spence, Kylie McLean, Tracey Turner and Lana McGarry will present on the development and benefits of our Bush Kindy Explorers program as well as design elements within our centres that are both organic and purpose built to suit our nature-based play philosophy.

The girls will also be participating on a tour to visit child care centres in Macao and China to experience their way of thinking and cultural differences.

This professional trip will mean great things for our centres and we’re very excited to be participating in such a global Early Education event.