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Junior Gym

Junior Gym programs equip a child with life long skills, helping them achieve anything they set their mind to.

Our Junior Gym program is specifically designed to promote a child’s development and growth while improving social and life skills. Your child will learn how to deal with highs and lows, be part of a team and turn negative emotions into positive ones all while enjoying a program filled with fun and exciting activities.

Skills acquired throughout our program are invaluable and will assist your child in succeeding at school and later in life.

    Some more benefits that our program offers include:

    • Improves Hand and Eye Coordination and Motor Skills
    • Stimulates Senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch
    • Improves and stimulates brain development; This is how children think, explore and figure things out. It helps children gain knowledge, skills, problem solving and dispositions, which help children to think about and understand the world around them. Brain development is part of cognitive development
    • Encourages Freedom and Movement. Movement is so important for health and wellbeing both physical and emotionally

    Want your child to join our Junior Gym?

    Join as a Member

    For only $20/week your child can enjoy unlimited access to all classes! If your child is at the childcare centre at the time of the class, we will accompany them to the Junior Gym. If your child wishes to join a class on any other day, they are more than welcome to do so while we ask parents to stay with them during the class.

    Alternatively you can join by submitting your child’s attendance to the desired class on the day at the centre.

    Casual Attendance

    If you wish to enrol your child in a one-off class, the cost is $10/class.

    Alternatively you can join by submitting your child’s attendance to the desired class on the day at the centre.

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    Class Timetable

    6 months-15 months
    15 months – 3 years
    3 years +
    School age
    Monday 9:00-9:30 9:45-10:15 10:30-11:00 4:00-5:00
    Tuesday 9:00-9:30 9:45-10:15 10:30-11:00 4:00-5:00
    Wednesday 9:00-9:30 9:45-10:15 10:30-11:00 4:00-5:00
    Thursday 9:00-9:30 9:45-10:15 10:30-11:00 4:00-5:00
    Friday 9:00-9:30 9:45-10:15 10:30-11:00 4:00-5:00

    Classes are limited to 8 children only.

    Parents must attend with children on days they are not booked in the centre.